Employer faqs

Needs are often urgent, and staff stretched.  Engaging an experienced external recruiting partner to conduct a strategic search can save valuable time and resources – and provide a slate of diverse, quality candidates that have been vetted for skill set, culture compatibility and growth potential.

We are most often called upon from clients within the Finance, Healthcare, HR, Sales, Supply Chain and Technology industries.  However, our recruiters are true business analysts, able to gather requirements and execute on deliverables.  We have also served clients in other areas such as Education, Manufacturing and Life Sciences.

Recruitment timelines vary depending on numerous factors: position, industry, market, available talent pool, etc.  Once we are engaged to work on your requisition, we’ll set the strategy and provide an estimated timeline.

In short, yes.  However, while working with several firms at the same time on the same requisition may sound like a good idea, it isn’t always.  We provide rate incentives for clients who choose to give us exclusive rights to work on their requisitions.

Absolutely.  Many of our clients are global organizations and we have successfully filled requisitions around the world.

Though we focus primarily on direct hire placements, we do offer temporary placement services for mid-senior level engagements of at least 60 days.  Connect with us to determine how we can partner.

Schedule an appointment to meet with a specialist or give us a call directly at 678-941-4190.